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Eckman 42.7cc Petrol Backpack Power Unit with Easy-Fit Attachments

4.3 40 Smart
Star Star Star Star 4.3/5read 40 reviews
  • 42.77cc / 1.25kW engine is mounted on a padded and vibration-dampened backpack
  • Nine easy-fit accessories attach to the power unit to give the ultimate multi-task power tool
  • Accessories include: 180° angle-adjustable hedge trimmer, chainsaw, twin line grass trimmer, brush cutter and cultivator, hover mower, lawn edger, leaf blower and water pump.


It’s the design revolution your poor back and arms have been waiting for: an ergonomic, lightweight backpack-mounted petrol-powered gardening system, allowing you to work without hand-carrying the heavy engine around!

Mounted on an incredibly comfortable, fully adjustable, padded and vibration dampened backpack, you simply plug any accessory into the power unit’s flexible hand-held control handle and you’re ready to tackle everything from hedge trimming, light or heavy tree pruning, grass or bramble trimming, ground cultivation, lawn edging, hover mowing, leaf blowing and even water pumping!
The reliable 42.7cc /1.25kW full-crank engine provides all the power and torque you need – hour after hour, and like a really comfortable seat in a car, when you’ve finished your journey you won’t feel like you’ve run a marathon!

Complete Freedom of Choice
Build your own multi-tool kit - simply purchase the power unit and choose individual accessories to suit your requirements.
You have the option to purchase other accessories at a later date should you wish.


Power Unit Complete With Backpack and Flexible Control Handle (BE003)
Specifications:  CE/EUII/GS safety and emission approved air-cooled 42.7cc/1.25kW full crank 2-stroke engine with recoil starter and 0.7litre tank*. Flexible drive shaft with full-function control handle. Metal backpack frame with 4-point engine vibration dampening, size-adjustable harnesses, luxury comfort padding, zip pouch for tools.
*Fill up the 700ml petrol tank for just 98p,giving around 40 mins of running time - approx. 2.5p/min

9 Additional Accessories:

1. 180 Degree Angle-Adjustable Hedge Trimmer (BE005)
17” (432mm) reciprocating blade. 7 ¾” (20cm) aluminium connection pole. Max. cutting diameter approx. ¾” (17mm).

2. Branch Cutter Chainsaw (BE004)
10” (254mm) Oregon low-kickback chain and bar (max. cutting diameter 10”) with automatic oil pump.  27” (68.5cm) aluminium connection pole.

3. 1-Metre Aluminium Extension Pole( BE007)
For extra reach - use in conjunction with Hedge Trimmer (BE005), Chainsaw (BE004) and Brush Cutter / Grass Trimmer (BE006).
Extends the reach to a maximum of 2.68m / 8ft 9"
Note: Reach measurements for all three attachments can be found in the specifications section below.

4. Bump Feed Twin Line Grass Trimmer & Brush Cutter (BE006)
(supplied together) Twin line bump-feed 120mm diameter spool with maximum 17¾” (45cm) grass trim width. Triple edged brush cutter blade with maximum 10” (25.4cm) trim width for bramble and woody stems up to ¾” (18mm) diameter. 24” (61cm) aluminium connection pole.

5. Tiller / Cultivator (BE008)*
11 ½” (29.2cm) tilling width.  4x 8 ½” (21.6cm) diameter tines.  Heavy duty gearbox.
23 ½” (59.6cm) aluminium connection pole. 

*The gearbox has been improved - please see the PDF within the 'More Info' tab for more details.

6. Hover Mower (BE009) discontinued
Grass cutting width 24” (60cm) using 12” steel blade – maximum 6500 rpm.
Weight 3.2kg (approx. 7lbs)
61.5cm (approx.. 2ft) long curved aluminium shaft for easy manoeuvrability.
Ideal for steep / uneven terrain or smaller grass areas that don’t warrant a normal mower.

7. Lawn Edger (BE010)
Superior design, simple to use, adjustable depth, fast and accurate cutting for beautiful lawn edges. Blade length 7.5” (19cm); weight 1.9kg (approx. 4lbs); 73.5cm (approx.. 29”) long curved aluminium shaft for easy manoeuvrability.

8. Leaf Blower (BE011)
Powerful 50mph air speed / 108 cubic metres of air volume / hour. Weight 1.5kg; 69cm (approx.. 27”) long curved aluminium shaft.
9. Powerful Aluminium Water Pump (BE012)
High quality aluminium (not plastic) construction. 5metre (approx.. 16ft 6”) water ‘lift’ capacity at a flow rate of  9.6m3/hour. Outlet hose diameter 2.5cm (1”) (hose not supplied)
Max. pumping distance 7m.


Maximum reach from trigger to end of accessory:

  • Chainsaw: 2.68m / 8ft 9"
  • Hedge Trimmer: 2.44m / 8ft
  • Brush cutter / Grass Trimmer: 2.37m / 7ft 9"


  1. Standard Delivery (approx. 7 working days) - £3.99
  2. Express Delivery (approx. 3 working days) - £4.99
  3. Next Working Day Delivery (orders must be placed by 2pm Monday to Friday) - £6.99
  4. We deliver to mainland UK, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and Scottish Highlands & Islands

To find out more please read our delivery policy


  1. Every product is covered by our 14-day money back guarantee
  2. Every product is guaranteed for at least 12 months. If your item develops a fault within the guarantee period, we will either refund (only if within 14 days) or replace free of charge
  3. If you wish to return an item to us for whatever reason, please call us on 020 3617 7400

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Overall Rating: Star Star Star Star 4.3/5 (66 Customers have rated this product)

Star Star Star Star Star


Star Star Star Star No Star


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Very easy
5 5 Star Star Star Star Star
30/09/2013 13:37:00
Pros: Very easy
Cons: None



Heavier than I imagined, off to the Gym but does the job
3 5 Star Star Star
27/09/2013 11:31:00

It should be possible to keep the weight down to 1.5 times a hand held unit


Arrived in good time
3 5 Star Star Star
18/09/2013 18:29:00

Not used yet ,,,,,,,


Garden multi tool- hedge trimmer
4 5 Star Star Star Star
17/09/2013 17:11:00
Pros: easy to assemblet, easy to use, need to position handle to suit- no instructions
Cons: drive links a bit stiff

Good idea to take the motor weight on your back


well pleased
4 5 Star Star Star Star
16/09/2013 09:51:00
Pros: plenty of power, easy to change tools
Cons: cant be started by operator when worn

good product and at a very keen price. throttle cable needs to be secured at engine end to stop revs sticking as outer cable comes out of its retainer


good machine,but not easy to use when you have arthritis
4 5 Star Star Star Star
10/09/2013 11:15:00
Pros: powerful
Cons: too heavy,and hard to manouvere

i am 58,and have difficulty getting pack on my back,also hard to keep strimmer unit level,without digging in to grass


5 5 Star Star Star Star Star
15/07/2013 17:57:00
Pros: Very good for price, a1
Cons: Heavy when attachments are added

Great item and great price thanks.


Good value for money
4 5 Star Star Star Star
20/06/2013 14:34:00
Pros: Good value for money, Once it's on your back it's easy to use.
Cons: If the motor stalls or you want to stop it you have to unload the whole device from your back to re-start it, Can be a 2 man job to get it on your back if your not strong and supple., Takes a frew pulls to start motor



Easy to change additions
4 5 Star Star Star Star
20/06/2013 01:03:00
Pros: easy to change additions
Cons: need to start motor before loading on back



Quick and efficient easy ordering
5 5 Star Star Star Star Star
11/06/2013 11:01:00
Pros: Good product easy to use well built and a very good back pack arrangement, Easy to change attatchments, Powerfull motor
Cons: Power unit is a bit heavy and awkward to get on your back a helper would make it easier., when lifting on to your back with engine running the throttle cable pulls the the throttle on I have put on cable ties to stop this happening

Overall a very good product well made Engine unit is a bit on the heavy side perhaps a smaller engine option for the hadge trimmer and chain saw lopper would be better


delivery time good ..product not quite as easy to use has it looks
3 5 Star Star Star
11/06/2013 10:17:00
Pros: backpack.comfortable
Cons: extention hard to fit,& hard to handel.

a good idea needs more thought


A very good product one draw back size of hole to fill gear box on tiller took ages to fill
4 5 Star Star Star Star
02/06/2013 02:07:00
Pros: compact and comfotable to carry, does a good job of tilling
Cons: fllling of gear box, could do with a electric start

Overall the product is well constructed and does the job it is designed to do, it can be a bit awkward having to start of the back and then put on would highly recommend a electrical starting model which could be started and stopped when being carried.


Very good product. I am surprised by the performance especially at the price.
0 5
27/05/2013 14:35:00
Pros: It is heavy and users should be prepared for that, It is easy to start so far and the attachments work well

I can recommend this item. Once you get used to putting the backpack on it is comfortable and the attachments all work well. I can use the machine for much longer than I would be comfortable using a purely hand held machine. I am very pleased with it.


Excellent power output and ease of use.
5 5 Star Star Star Star Star
04/10/2012 10:26:00
Pros: power excelllence, easy to use, easy to set up.
Cons: cant think of any

Very powerful, easy to use and set up. For the money it is excellent value.


Overall a good unit.
4 5 Star Star Star Star
20/09/2012 10:37:00
Pros: Good light unit., Easy to use, Simple to assemble
Cons: Seems to catch on frame as it swivels, some adjustment needed., Hedge trimmer with extension quite heavy., Initially difficult to start, but OK after som

Having used the hedge trimmer, will now order additional attachments in spring.


Super service, excellent communication, very good product - works so well
5 5 Star Star Star Star Star
19/09/2012 17:40:00
Pros: easy to assemble and understand, very comfy when on, comprehensive toolkit
Cons: bit fiddly putting on, fuel mixing bottle could be better

Overall this is a strong product at an excellent price would highly recommend to anyone!

Haywards Heath

An excellent piece of kit
5 5 Star Star Star Star Star
02/09/2012 18:25:00
Pros: The engine starts easily, nearly always first pull, The backpack is light to wear, The unit is surprisingly quiet and vibration-free
Cons: It does make some noise!, The engine can only be started on the ground, not while being worn

The build quality of the power pack and its attachments is reasonably good.


Eckman backpack hedge trimmer & chainsaw
0 5
23/07/2012 15:39:00
Cons: a bit heavy when using extension pole, there is a knack to getting it onto your back!

Excellent product, extremely useful to reach high branches & hedges without using steps


Brilliant. Very pleased
5 5 Star Star Star Star Star
11/07/2012 22:42:00
Pros: Quiet, Easy to use, Good accessory range, Backpack operation
Cons: Needs more detailed instructions for assembly

Very good item well worth price. More detailed instructions for assembly would be good though. Needs practice to use but great after. Good reach with extender pole, less need for ladders/steps. Good powerful motor, easy to start, quiet operation. Weight balance easy on back excellent. Overall ideal item for everyone and especially useful for anyone of retirement age.


4 5 Star Star Star Star
18/04/2012 14:33:00

restrictive in reach as against normal freehand motor,but very well padded and easy start, well balanced don`t notice you have it on


5 5 Star Star Star Star Star
15/04/2012 12:32:00

easy to use good value fore money


4 5 Star Star Star Star
13/03/2012 19:51:00

brilliant powerful machine. the only drawback is if you have to turn it of, then you have to get it of your back to restart it.

Bury St. Edmunds

4 5 Star Star Star Star
08/03/2012 11:47:00

not tested yet


5 5 Star Star Star Star Star
05/03/2012 19:48:00

Easy to use and ideal for purpose.


5 5 Star Star Star Star Star
02/03/2012 11:52:00

Thrilled with product and speed of delivery


5 5 Star Star Star Star Star
11/02/2012 20:20:00

It would have been better if it was possible to start while back pack fitted as when switching implements it has to be switched off and this necessitates removing unit to restart.

Newton Abbot

5 5 Star Star Star Star Star
29/11/2011 12:56:00

Well balanced unit build quality looks good

Nr. Ware

4 5 Star Star Star Star
04/10/2011 19:10:00

Difficult to start for a left handed person but fine for right handed.


4 5 Star Star Star Star
25/08/2011 16:26:00

Have on use to test so far but system seems very good


5 5 Star Star Star Star Star
21/08/2011 11:17:00

Very good - easy to start.


5 5 Star Star Star Star Star
16/08/2011 18:42:00

Nice weight on the back, good even disribution of weight


5 5 Star Star Star Star Star
12/08/2011 10:40:00

Excellent value for money and comfortable to wear especially being female.


5 5 Star Star Star Star Star
11/08/2011 22:40:00

An easy starting power unit with all the quality and design features that you come to expect from Eckman. A well made very versatile piece of equipment. You get a lot for the price. Good value.


4 5 Star Star Star Star
01/08/2011 13:14:00

Does the job, you have to work hard to make it comfy and changing tools means you have to take it off your back. Missing instructions was annoying.


5 5 Star Star Star Star Star
01/08/2011 11:48:00

It's o.k. but very hard to start, if I had the instructions leaflet which you are printing maybe It would be easier to work out!!!


5 5 Star Star Star Star Star
31/07/2011 16:05:00

Very useful. The chainsaw attachment is brilliant and has already earned its keep. The hedge trimmer is very versatile and much lighter to use than m old one.


5 5 Star Star Star Star Star
31/07/2011 10:09:00

Starts well. Little smoke for a 2 stroke. The hedge trimmer is very effective especially the reciprocating system of cutting and the chainsaw makes me feel like a professional!!!


4 5 Star Star Star Star
25/07/2011 18:15:00

Reasonably comfortable but have to take it off to restart engine after swapping attachments


5 5 Star Star Star Star Star
25/07/2011 14:26:00

Very good system. Not yet tried for extended period, will let you know once used.

high Wycombe

5 5 Star Star Star Star Star
21/07/2011 19:37:00

very please seems to be of a good quality


5 5 Star Star Star Star Star
21/07/2011 13:28:00

good all round machine with different attachment one machine that does all with the right attachment

Saffron Walden

4 5 Star Star Star Star
18/07/2011 13:21:00

no instructions


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If you would like to ask a question about this product please email us at sales@mysmartbuy.com

There are 11 Questions | 11 Answers for this product
Q: What is the maximum reach? 1 answer
A: The max reach of BE003 is the following, when used with the chainsaw and extension pole:
Chainsaw = 68.5cm
Extension pole = 1m
Power Unit Control Handle = 70cm
= total 2.385m (7ft 9 ¾”) max reach
By MySmartBuy.com Staff Was this answer helpful? YesNo
Q: What is the weight of the main unit? 1 answer
A: 6kgs
By MySmartBuy.com Staff Was this answer helpful? YesNo
Q: Is the safety visor available? 1 answer
A: Yes – 'CSP03' Eckman complete safety headset, for just £24.95
By MySmartBuy.com Staff Was this answer helpful? YesNo
Q: What does the complete engine backpack weigh? 1 answer
A: Approximately 6kg. That’s just over 13lbs or 208ozs in old money.
By MySmartBuy.com Staff Was this answer helpful? YesNo
Q: Is it suitable for any age or weight? 1 answer
A: The backpack has been specially designed by Eckman taking what we believed were the best features from well designed “conventional” hiking backpacks and incorporating them into this gardening system to spread the weight evenly and comfortably across the hips, back and shoulders.
Waist and chest adjustment straps have been lengthened to try and accommodate the broadest cross-section of possible users.
The engine itself is mounted on 4 rubber shock absorbers which are extremely effective in dampening any vibration. Providing you are reasonably fit and would contemplate using conventional petrol driven gardening equipment, we’re sure you will find this new backpack system exceptionally comfortable and allow you to work longer and with much less strain on the arms and shoulders.
By MySmartBuy.com Staff Was this answer helpful? YesNo
Q: What about noise and exhaust fumes? 1 answer
A: As with most 2-stroke gardening equipment, generally they are noisier than equivalent electrically powered equipment and in this respect we recommend the use of protective head gear including ear mufflers.
Having said this, one of the reasons Eckman chose this particular power unit was because, with a noise output of just 105db, it’s considerably quieter than many other engines.
This powerful 42.7cc engine has more of a loud “purr” than a deafening scream!
Provided you only use the equipment outdoors, you are perfectly safe from exhaust fumes. When in use, the engine exhaust points away from you.
By MySmartBuy.com Staff Was this answer helpful? YesNo
Q: Can I start the engine when I’m already wearing the backpack? 1 answer
A: No – unless you have unusually long arms! Before starting the engine, first, try on the backpack and adjust the straps so that it fits comfortably onto your hips and shoulders.
When you are happy that it is as comfortable as possible, take it off. The equipment is now ready to use.
By MySmartBuy.com Staff Was this answer helpful? YesNo
Q: What is the difference between “2-Stroke” and “4-stroke” engines? 1 answer
A: 2-stroke engines run on a mixture of normal unleaded petrol mixed with special 2-stroke oil (available from most petrol stations or gardening hardware retailers). In the case of this 42.7cc engine, the mixture is 25parts petrol to 1 part oil.
4-stroke engines require no oil, the same as if you had a normal petrol powered car.
By MySmartBuy.com Staff Was this answer helpful? YesNo
Q: If I buy the backpack power unit and just one or two accessories, can I purchase more later? 1 answer
A: Of course. We want you to build a system that suits your needs, now and in the future.
By MySmartBuy.com Staff Was this answer helpful? YesNo
Q: How long should a full tank last? 1 answer
A: 700ml should last on average approximately 35-40 minutes.
By MySmartBuy.com Staff Was this answer helpful? YesNo
Q: Is there much engine maintenance required? 1 answer
A: Almost none apart from generally keeping things clean.
By MySmartBuy.com Staff Was this answer helpful? YesNo

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Eckman Backpack Petrol Power Unit(BE003)
Branch Cutter Chainsaw Attachment(BE004)
Hedge Trimmer Attachment(BE005)
Grass Trimmer & Brush Cutter Attachments(BE006)
1m Extension Pole(BE007)
Tiller / Cultivator Attachment(BE008)
Lawn Edger Attachment(BE010)
Leaf Blower(BE011)
Water Pump Attachment(BE012)
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Eckman Helmet, Ear Protectors and Face Mask Set(CSP03)


2x Eckman 5-Piece Hanging Tool Tidy(MU639)

saving £9.95

Eckman Ear Defenders(EMF02)

saving £8

Eckman Clear Protective Safety Glasses(SGL01)

saving £3

Am-Tech Leather Faced Heavy-Duty Rigger Gloves(N2300)

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Branch Cutter Chainsaw Attachment
Hedge Trimmer Attachment
Grass Trimmer & Brush Cutter Attachments
1m Extension Pole
Tiller / Cultivator Attachment
Lawn Edger Attachment
Leaf Blower
Water Pump Attachment
Eckman Helmet, Ear Protectors and Face Mask Set
Lightweight, with air vents and fully size adjustable. Removable front visor.
2x Eckman 5-Piece Hanging Tool Tidy
saving £9.95
Eckman Ear Defenders
saving £8
Eckman Clear Protective Safety Glasses
saving £3
Manufactured from clear, extremely tough polycarbonate for maximum visibility. Ideal for most general garden and household DIY tasks
Am-Tech Leather Faced Heavy-Duty Rigger Gloves
was £4.99
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