Affiliate Program

Do you have a popular website or blog? Would you like to earn money from it? If so, why not join the affiliate program? It's incredibly quick and simple to set up, just take a look below.

What is an affiliate program

Affiliates of are partner websites or blogs that promote and send traffic to this website via text links, product listings or banners. If a sale is made as a result of this referral, the affiliate is paid a commission based on the order value.

Why choose

  • The minimum commission rate we pay is 5% of every confirmed shipping sale
  • We run monthly competitions to reward the hard work of our partners
  • We have a superb traffic-to-sales conversion rate (currently 4.25%), meaning that if you send customers to this site, you have a good chance of earning commission
  • We validate all sales on a regular basis ensuring affiliates get their commission quickly
  • We provide a wide range of fun, colourful and interesting banners, as well as text links and real-time product feeds to help drive traffic to our site and earn you commission

How to Join

Affiliate Window

Affiliate Window is our exclusive affiliate network. To join, click the link below and follow instructions to sign up and start promoting

To become and affiliate partner to, click here

Affiliate Contact

If you have any questions about our affiliate program, please contact our dedicated affiliate marketer:

Charlie Couch

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