How To Design Your Very Own Garden Patio
By Mel Eden, Garden Tools & Equipment Expert

Garden Patios are a place where you can stop and take stock of your gardening needs as well as a place where you can sit back, relax and admire all your gardening efforts. I have compiled a few pointers of how you may create and design your own garden patio as well as a few pointers for consideration.

First point to think about when designing and creating your own garden patio is to find the best location. I suggest choosing a place where you will have direct sun light as well as being part sheltered in natural shading such as from trees and plants. Alternatively you can create your own shade with a free-standing or retractable awning or parasol. You may then even wish to have a certain theme for your garden patio such as Mediterranean, old English, country, rustic or even contemporary.

Next will be to sketch out and visualise how you want your patio to look like, take into consideration the size of the garden and house, what natural colours are growing around the surroundings, what will be needed etc.

Once you have an idea of the size of your patio next will be to design it. Think about if you will have space for natural plants (i.e. shrubs, trellis etc) around the edges or if you will be using containers and pots. I personally would go for the potted plant look as it would be very easy to move them around thus creating a different and refreshing look whenever you want.

Adding outdoor furniture is a great way to add character to your patio, for a small garden this could be simply adding a table set or a chair lounger, for a medium to large size patio you may want to add in rattan furniture which are weather resistant, easy to clean and long lasting.

As you will hopefully be using the garden patio throughout the year it is important that you place in solutions for the seasons throughout the year. For the summer period why not take advantage of the sun shine and place in some solar lighting around your patio. And for the cooler seasons simply place in a patio heater for your comfort and convenience

Further enhance the atmosphere of your patio by adding scent potted plants, a small solar water feature or even a grow house so have you’ll your mini garden world – the grow house is great for when my grandkids come round and want to be entertained by some gardening fun.

Finally if you do have children or pets then I would strongly suggest ensuring there are no toxic plants placed or any furniture that has sharp ends to it.

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