View Quest

View Quest: innovative, British gadgets

View Quest is a British company with an unusual approach to product development. Alongside its in-house team, it encourages the members of its website and forum to get involved in the creative process, which means the gadgets it comes up with really are something unique.

The firm specialises in high-quality electronic devices, all of which feature a stylish design. The gadgets are quirky and fun while being highly functional and, on top of all of this, they're also affordable. Speakers, headphones, portable radios and portable DVD players are among the company's offerings.

View Quest: products that stand out

To give you an indication of the innovation behind View Quest's products, here are some of the main features you'll find on their devices.

  • British design - One thing you can't get away from with View Quest is their British roots and, as a result, many of their gadgets are branded with a Union Jack design that makes them instantly recognisable.

  • Functionality - View Quest aims to produce gadgets that do more than just the basics. Take its DAB and FM radio as an example - this device also comes with an iPod dock, so you can choose to listen to your favourite album if there's nothing on the radio that grabs your attention. It's also got an aux-in jack, so you can connect the radio to CD players or turntables and make use of its speakers.

  • Simple controls - View Quest's audio devices all feature intuitive controls that make them easy to use. Some come with clear LCD displays, providing you with all the information you need about what you're listening to.

Portable products - Among View Quest's range are items like a portable DAB digital radio, which boasts ten hours of battery life and built-in DAB+ technology that means you can tune in while you're visiting mainland Europe without any difficulties. The USB connection means you can recharge it using your computer or via mains power with an adaptor.

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