Steepletone: specialists in high-quality audio equipment

Steepletone started out as a small British company in 1972, operating primarily out of a small village cinema. The company has grown since then and now offers a wide range of audio equipment, with many devices featuring a retro design.

Among the products offered by the firm are CD and record players, radios, speakers, headphones and other accessories for music players. Steepletone has always aimed to provide consumers with high-quality electronic gadgets at affordable prices and continues to do so to this day.

Distinguishing features of Steepletone devices

Steepletone's audio products will always stand out due to their distinctive style and high-quality manufacture. Here are just a few of the things that make Steepletone devices unmistakeable.

  • Design - One standout feature of many Steepletone products is their retro design. From music players designed to look like old-school wooden turntables to CD players styled as brightly coloured jukeboxes, Steepletone covers it all. The company also offers full-sized jukeboxes and portable radios in a vintage style.
  • Functionality - Steepletone's music systems are all highly functional, with many of its devices able to do much more than simply play music. For instance, some of its products can play vinyl and CDs, have a radio and can record music from records or CDs to a digital format, storing the tunes on a USB stick or SD card.
  • High-quality accessories - If you want to further improve the experience of listening to your music on a Steepletone device, there are several products that may help. One is the diamond-tipped stylus for record players, while another is the company's wireless, noise-cancelling headphones.

Wireless connectivity - Although many of Steepletone's products look as though they're from years gone by, they certainly don't perform like older gadgets! Some of the firm's stereo systems have wireless connectivity, so you can play music from other devices without having to plug them in, while others feature a docking facility for modern MP3 players like iPods.

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