Sovos: providing quality entertainment gadgets

Sovos has been bringing high-quality home entertainment devices to the UK and other European markets since 2007, with the firm specialising in portable TV and DVD systems that are ideal for use around the home and on the move.

The team behind Sovos's products have ten years of experience working in the home entertainment industry and have put all of this to good use when designing the range of products on offer from the company. As well as their portable gadgets, Sovos also makes a range of flip-down screens specifically for kitchens.

Top features of Sovos products

There are many good features of Sovos's devices, with the company considered to be one of the UK's leading manufacturers of flip-down TV and DVD systems for kitchens. Here are some of the things that make Sovos's products stand out.

  • Flip-down screens - One of the defining features of Sovos TV and DVD systems is their flip-down screens. This makes the devices ideal for busy environments like a kitchen, where you may not want a TV all the time, and where space is at a premium. The flip-down screen also means it can be installed easily under kitchen cupboards.
  • HD-ready screens - All the LCD TVs sold by Sovos come with HD-ready screens, so you can watch your favourite programmes or movies in high definition and enjoy excellent picture quality.
  • Freeview reception - Every TV in the Sovos range can receive Freeview channels - even the company's model that is designed to be used on the move. You'll never have to miss any of your favourite shows if you pick up one of the portable Sovos TVs, as you can record live programmes to a USB and play them back later.

Waterproof remote control - The flip-down TV and DVD players come with a waterproof remote control, which is perfect for use in a kitchen. These controllers are even magnetic, so you can attach them to your fridge when they're not in use!

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