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Solar Technology International: eco-friendly solutions

Solar Technology International manufactures a range of products for environmentally-conscious consumers, with the likes of garden lights and moving models among the gadgets it offers. Portable chargers, marketed under the Freeloader brand, are also available.

The company aims to introduce more people in the UK to solar power by offering products that are not only practical and environmentally-friendly, but also stylish and affordable. The innovative designs of its devices make them stand out and their appeal is enhanced by their strong eco credentials.

Devices available from Solar Technology International

Solar-powered devices are appealing more and more to consumers, particularly when they are for outdoor use as they are so easy to install and maintain. Here's a bit more information about some of Solar Technology International's most handy gadgets.

  • Garden lights - There is a range of garden lights available from Solar Technology International. They vary from standard spotlights for illuminating a path to more ornate, decorative lamps that can add a splash of colour and character to your outdoor space.

  • Lighting kits - If you've got a shed or garage that you frequently use, but don't want the hassle of connecting it to the mains power; the lighting kits from Solar Technology International are ideal. These consist of a solar panel, two bulb holders, a switch, 7 m of cable, two energy-efficient bulbs and all the connectors you'll need to hook the system up. The product comes with a ten-year warrantee, while the solar panel has a 35-year life expectancy. The Solar Mate 2 can deliver 80 watts of lighting for up to seven hours a day.

  • Powered model kits - The solar-powered model kits may not be as practical as the lights, but they're a lot of fun. A biplane, water mill, wind turbine, wind mill and helicopter are the models on offer, each with moving parts that are powered by the sun. All the models are made from pre-cut plywood and are easy to assemble.

  • Portable chargers - Among the most useful gadgets available from Solar Technology International are its range of Freeloader solar-powered chargers. These come with an array of attachments for smartphones, e-readers, PSPs, MP3 players, iPads, DVD players and even digital camera battery chargers, depending on the model you choose.
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