Smart Solar

Smart Solar: kit out your garden

Smart Solar offers a range of practical and aesthetically pleasing products for the garden, ranging from outdoor lights to water pumps for ponds and fountains. The company prides itself on coming up with innovative solutions to powering popular garden gadgets.

Solar energy is a feature of the majority of the firm's offerings and this is not only great for eco-conscious consumers, but also makes it easy to set up and use Smart Solar's products.

A guide to Smart Solar's products

To give you an indication of the kind of gadgets Smart Solar produces, as well as their standout features, here's a rundown of some of the company's top products.

  • Lighting - Installing solar-powered garden lights is quick and easy, and they'll require very little maintenance. Smart Solar offers sets of lights that are ideal for illuminating paths and driveways, as well as decorative lamps that can add character as well as light to a garden.  Tabletop versions are also on offer for use when you're dining or entertaining outdoors.

  • Fountains - Water features are a very soothing addition to a garden and having a solar-powered fountain takes all the stress out of the installation. You simply position the solar panel close to the fountain and connect it to the low-voltage pump. Then you can enjoy the effect of cascading water.

  • Pond oxygentaors - A pond oxygenator is useful to help keep the growth of algae at bay during the summer months, when oxygen levels in the water tend to be reduced. Installing one of these is also a good way to keep your fish healthy, if you have any. Similar to the fountains, a solar-powered pump is connected to the oxygenator.

  • Garden furniture - Smart Solar produces an unusual table with lights embedded in the top. These can change colour (white, blue, green or purple) and may be set on a single shade or rotate between the four. A solar panel charges the lights during the day and a single charge can last for up to six hours. The table is also supplied with two rattan-style chairs.

For the eco-conscious consumer, Smart Solar products are an excellent choice for the garden. While the gadgets are priced affordably, you can save even more money if you shop at

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