Nextbase: providing entertainment on the go

Nextbase is a leading provider of rear seat entertainment products to keep passengers amused on long drives. Their gadgets are particularly handy for families with young children who may need something to keep them occupied when travelling in the car for extended periods of time.

The company has won awards for its products - including an accolade from Auto Express, which gave the Click 7 Duo - 7 inch dual-screen DVD player a five-star award in 2009. Due to its specialisation in portable entertainment devices, Nextbase offers innovative and intuitive products to make travelling much more enjoyable.

Standout features of Nextbase products

Nextbase has spent a lot of time coming up with products that have innovative features to make using them in the car simple and safe. Here are some of the best features found on its devices.

  • Click & Go - The Click & Go mounting by Nextbase means you don't need to spend ages fitting a rear seat DVD player or tablet in your car. The mount fits neatly under the headrests of the front seats and allows you to simply 'click' in your media player and away you go. There are no cables, making this hassle-free.

  • Dual-screen DVD players - There is the option of buying dual-screen DVD players from Nextbase, which allows you to show the same thing on both players - perfect if you have more than one child.

  • Wireless connections - If you'd rather not listen to whatever the kids are watching in the back, invest in some wireless headphones that will connect to the Nextbase device and ensure you have a peaceful drive while the little ones are entertained.

  • Connectivity - Nextbase's DVD players give you the chance to watch more than just the movies you have at home, as they can also be connected to USB drives and have a memory card reader, giving you more options about what you watch while you're out and about.

  • Power - One of the best things about the Nextbase products is that their power is supplied through the mount, which means you only need to hook up the adaptor to your car once. Leave the mounts in the back and just click the player into place whenever you want to use it, giving you instant entertainment options.

The in-car entertainment offerings from Nextbase are not only innovative, but also affordable, so you can enjoy peaceful journeys with the children without breaking the bank.

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