Neostar: providing a range of electronic equipment

Neostar offers a wide range of electronic gadgets for the home and specialises in dealing with the UK market.

The selection of products Neostar offers is extremely varied, with everything from shavers and light bulbs to USB turntables and Freeview TV recorders available. The organisation prides itself on the high quality of the goods it sells, as well as the excellent customer service it provides.

An introduction to Neostar products

To give you an idea of just how varied Neostar's range is, we've singled out a few of their top products to introduce you to the brand and give you an idea of what's available.

  • Audio and video capture adaptors - These devices allow you to 'capture' audio or video recordings from formats like cassette, CD or VHS and transfer them into a digital file using a USB adaptor that connects the player you are using to your computer.
  • USB turntables - These Neostar products perform a similar function to those mentioned above, except they are designed to work with vinyl and can not only record music to an MP3 file, but also on to a CD.
  • Film and slide scanners - You can save old family memories with one of Neostar's film and slide scanners that copies the pictures you have in these formats on to a computer.
  • Freeview recorders - Neostar has developed several Freeview recorders so you never have to miss your favourite show again. You can get products that connect directly to your TV, as well as portable players and recorders to allow you to watch shows on the move.
  • Heaters and coolers - Neostar offers several heating and cooling devices, including a wall-mounted electric heater, a large fan cooler and a five-in-one product that features both of these things, as well as a dehumidifier, purifier and fan.
  • Other accessories - Neostar produces a wide selection of handy household accessories, including halogen light bulbs, extension leads, socket expanders and battery chargers.

With such a variety of household gadgets available from the company at such affordable prices, you won't need to go anywhere else for your electronic or technological needs.

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