Inovalley: bringing innovative technology to your home

Inovalley prides itself on the innovation behind its technological products, whether they are audio and video devices, clocks or weather stations. The firm has been operating since 1920 and has a wealth of experience in the technology industry.

Some of the company's other products include pedometers, watches, digital cameras, video cameras and digital photo frames, among many others.

A guide to Inovalley's top products

Inovalley offers a wide range of gadgets for the home and garden; here's some information about some of its most popular devices.

  • Portable DVD players - There's no better way to stay entertained on a morning commute - or to keep the kids happy on a long drive - than by watching your favourite show or movie on a portable DVD player. Inovalley manufactures a range of portable DVD players, including ones with in-built freeview TV.

  • Headphones - Inovalley's wireless headphones with FM radio give you complete freedom to listen to your favourite music or radio programme without the worry of trailing wires. Their stylish and comfortable design means you'll enjoy wearing them, too.

  • Digital photo frames - The digital photo frames available from Inovalley are sleek and simple in their design, letting your photos do the talking. Remote controls allow you to easily switch between images.

  • Music players - Inovalley produces a range of music players, including stereos, radios, CD and MP3 players. Some of their music systems also feature wireless speakers to make positioning them simple.

  • Weather stations - A selection of weather stations - some for the home and others for the garden - are available from Inovalley, providing a range of information including the temperature and pressure, as well as weather forecasting.

Inovalley has spent decades developing products that are useful, look stylish and integrate innovative technology into everyday life. The company's devices are also priced affordably, giving consumers access to high-quality gadgets at a reasonable cost.

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