ION is world famous for their innovative and affordable digital audio products. Their award winning products include DJ technology, digital audio accessories and digital instruments. ION digital audio products are extremely popular as they couple complex digital technology with easy to use products, perfect for home music enthusiasts.

ION Turntables

Ion is largely known for their range of turntables. The ION Turntable range includes many models with a digital interface as many are USB compatible. Ion turntables are perfect for transferring the now out-of-date vinyl format into a modern MP3 or digital format. As the ION turntable range are so easy to operate, their products appeal to old and young alike and their affordability means great value for money.

The ION turntable range is compatible with a variety of digital formats to suit all requirements. For example, the ION LP DOCK has iPod connectivity for easy transfer from vinyl to your MP3 device. The ION LP2Flash can save your converted audio directly to SD card or USB storage device. Other ION turntables record directly onto CD, have built in speakers and come in a range of designs. T2 Direct stocks a wide range of ION turntables for your every need.

Other ION audio products

Such is the success of ION that it also ventures into other digital conversion devices. The ION Slide2PC is a hugely popular product here at T2 direct and has been for the past few years. This innovative device will convert 35mm film and 35mm slides into a digital format, enabling you to store the digital copy on your PC for future printing, editing or preservation. If you would rather save these digital image files onto SD instead, the ION FILM2SD will be ideal for you.

Other analogue to digital conversion products from ION are available to aid you in converting from tape to digital and vhs to digital. To view the full range of ION products please see our entire range below.

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