Gtech: making your household and gardening chores easier

Gtech is UK-based company that has been designing and making innovative floor care and gardening products for more than a decade. It has carefully considered homeowners' needs when developing its devices, which is evident from the practical nature of their design.

Floor sweepers, vacuums and hedge trimmers are the main product ranges offered by Gtech, with the firm focusing on delivering cordless devices that are still incredibly powerful and represent good value for money.

Standout features of Gtech products

Gtech produces a range of floor care and gardening gadgets, but here are some of the features that make the brand's devices particularly special.  

  • Cordless design - All of the Gtech floor sweepers, vacuums and hedge trimmers are cordless, making them highly manoeuvrable no matter where you are cleaning or cutting. The sweepers and vacuums have a low-profile design, which means they can easily reach underneath furniture or into corners. The hedge trimmers are all lightweight, so you can work on your garden in comfort.
  • Long battery life - One of the main concerns with cordless devices is that their battery will not last for the duration of a task, but this is not an issue with Gtech products. The company uses high-performance batteries to ensure its gadgets have a long run time.
  • Powerful products - Another worry with cordless items can be that they will not have enough power for the job at hand. Again, Gtech has this covered, as it has made all its tools and household products robust, while the high-performance batteries will mean you aren't disappointed with the power of your trimmer, vacuum or sweeper.
  • GermGuard antibacterial protection - Most of Gtech's sweepers and vacuums feature the firm's special GermGuard antibacterial additive, which is mixed with the plastic at the manufacturing stage to provide an antibacterial coating that kills 99 per cent of bacteria, meaning your floors will be incredibly clean. This is an innovation that is exclusive to Gtech.

Gtech has created an innovative range of stylish products that are easy to use, affordable and have unique features that make them stand out.

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