Use Ewbank products to keep your home looking good

Ewbank has been offering high-quality home cleaning products for over 125 years. Originally known for its carpet sweepers, the company has since diversified into other areas, such as floor polishers, vacuums and steam cleaners.

The firm prides itself on its innovative design, reliable solutions and excellent levels of customer service that enable it to stand out from its rivals. Its products are much-loved by households up and down the country for their high quality and great cleaning. The firm's ongoing research and development programme is also designed to offer a full range of complementary products that can help keep all parts of a home clean.

A few top products from Ewbank that can be purchased for MySmartBuy.com are below.

●      Floor polisher and vac - The Ewbank FP1000 Floor Polisher and Vac is perfect for keeping laminated and wooden flooring looking its best thanks to its low-noise 2,200 rpm polishing discs that make polishing effortless. What's more, the powerful 1,000W vacuum can pick up any loose dirt or debris it comes across, fulfilling the roles of two pieces of household cleaning equipment in one.

●      Steam cleaner - For when you need powerful cleaning solutions quickly, the Ewbank SC1000 Steam Dynamo Cleaner is ideal. With most steam cleaners, users have a choice between products that provide high pressure or those that heat up quickly. However, with Ewbank's offering, you get the best of both worlds, as it reaches optimum temperature in just 12 minutes while providing 45 minutes of high-pressure steam at 3.5 bar.

●      Compact vac - If you need to get into tight spaces or clean areas such as stairs, a compact vacuum cleaner is a must. The Ewbank Compact 1000watt Chilli Vac offers a seven-inch wide cleaning path and features powerful suction that belies it's small size. Coming with performance equivalent to many full-size vacuums, the gadget can either be used as a handheld cleaner or equipped with a detachable telescopic handle to be used like a regular upright.

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