Eckman: high-quality gardening and DIY equipment

Eckman is a UK-based manufacturer of gardening and DIY gadgets that offers a host of innovative products designed to make homeowners' lives easier. The firm prides itself on producing highly practical items that are available at competitive prices.

You won't find Eckman gadgets on the high street, though, because the company only supplies its wares to mail-order firms, as it believes this means customers get the best value for money - an approach also agrees with.

A guide to some of Eckman's top products

Eckman has designed a wide selection of gardening and DIY gadgets, with each product boasting innovative features that make it easy to use.  

Here are just some of the items manufactured by Eckman to give you an indication of the company's range:

  • Chainsaws, hedge trimmers and loppers - Eckman offers a selection of chainsaws, hedge trimmers and loppers, some of which come with telescopic handles to increase their reach. Sawhorses to hold logs and other pieces of wood are also available from the company.
  • Leaf sweepers, blowers and vacs - There are many ways to tidy up fallen leaves from your garden and Eckman has all the bases covered with its collection of leaf sweepers, blowers and vacs. Manual models, as well as electric ones, are on offer, while some machines have multiple functions - like Eckman's leaf vacuum, blower and shredder.
  • Lawnmowers, aerators and cultivators - Eckman produces a range of products to improve the condition of your lawn, such as aerators and cultivators that make the soil more suitable for planting. Lawnmowers are also available to keep your grass looking tidy. There are electric, petrol and even manual devices on sale.
  • Ladders and steps - Eckman makes a collection of ladders and steps for in and outdoor use to enable homeowners to carry out DIY and gardening tasks at height safely. Everything from small steps to an articulated ladder is on offer.
  • Other products - Among the other items that Eckman produces are safety gear for use with chainsaws and other cutting devices, raised planters, garden sprayers, compost tumblers, snow throwers and tool storage solutions.

As you can tell from the above list, Eckman produces an extensive array of gardening and DIY equipment that is manufactured to the highest quality by a company that is passionate about the products it designs and the service it provides to customers.

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