Casio: Affordable quality watches

Casio makes a large array of consumer electronic devices, from musical instruments to pocket calculators. But perhaps some of its most famous products are its timepieces, which have a well-deserved reputation for precision timing and quality design.

Such is the accuracy of Casio's solutions, the brand has been an official partner of the Red Bull Racing Formula One team, with the firm's Edifice range the official watch of the team and its drivers.

However, this does not mean the brand is only for those with a large amount of money to spend, as Casio's products are available for those with any budget and guarantee a high-quality design and accurate timekeeping. What's more, all Casio products have their reliability backed up by a two-year warranty.

Devices available from Casio.

œ      Edifice - One of the manufacturer's flagship lines, the Edifice's design is inspired by motorsports. These analogue metal watches come with a sense of energy and velocity. The line-up features a selection of distinctive face designs and a full range of measurement functions.

œ      Wave Ceptor - For people who need confidence that their timepiece is always accurate to the second, a model from the Wave Ceptor range could be ideal. These watches use powerful radio technology to pick up transmissions from radio towers around the world. This means travellers can automatically set to to correct time zone at the touch of a button, while the watch will automatically adjust for daylight savings time in the UK.

œ      Solar power - If you're tired of having the battery in your watch replaced frequently, a model with an inbuilt solar panel may be useful. Several of Casio's products offer this feature, which converts sunlight into energy and constantly recharges the battery so make sure you never have to worry about this problem again.

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